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Purchase Property in Johor Bahru


               The popular saying in Real-Estate in Johor Bahru still holds true, the most three important factor during the purchase of a real-estate property in Johor Bahru is Location, Location and again the Location. 

               And when considering a location in Johor Bahru where you want to invest in a new home, such as house, condo, penthouse or a villa, then you should ask yourself where you would like to live in Johor Bahru. 

               Johor Bahru has many popular well established neighborhoods but it is a matter of your preference. If you are buying a property in Johor Bahru to rent it out, you should ask yourself where you would like to live and rent a property in Johor Bahru. 

               If you are targetting to renting out your new property to the expatriate community in Johor Bahru, you should investigate to purchase a Johor Bahru property in exclusive neighborhoods. 

               If you are considering buying a house or condo in Johor Bahru, to sell it at a later time for a profit, you should ask yourself which locations in Johor Bahru still has affordable real-estate properties with the potential of strong growth. New townships in Johor Bahru could be a potential target for the purchase of a property. 

               When you purchase a house or villa in Johor Bahru, you are buying the land and as well the property that was build on the land. Of course the property in Johor Bahru will deteriorate with the years but the land the property was build on maybe worth much more, then its original value, so the more land you get when you buy a house or villa in Johor Bahru, the more it will be worth in the future. Land in Johor Bahru will always have value. 

               Before you buy a property in Johor Bahru, it is important that you understand the basics between a Freehold or Leasehold property in Johor Bahru. 

               It is important that you check out the immediate surroundings where you plan to buy a real-estate property in Johor Bahru and you should be cautious of anything near by your Johor Bahru property. You should not purchase a property near by of main roads, high tension cables, Electricity substations and as well large water drains in Johor Bahru. 

               If you have contacts into the construction or real estate industry, you could have an advantage if they can let you know of future developments of real-estate projects in Johor Bahru, before the general public will be aware of those new real-estate development projects in Johor Bahru. 

               Most buyers of properties in Johor Bahru compare prices when they shop around for a new property. You should look through Johor Bahru real-estate classifieds ads in local newspapers or search online for real-estate developers in Johor Bahru so you have a strong knowledge of the prices for the real-estate properties in Johor Bahru.

You should ask yourself the following question before you buy a property in Johor Bahru.

  • Is the property in Johor Bahru, leasehold or freehold and if the Johor Bahru property is a leasehold property, how much years does the property in Johor Bahru has left?
  • How is the neighborhood of your Johor Bahru property?
  • Are shops nearby your Johor Bahru property
  • Has any work been done on the Johor Bahru proeprty since the old owners moved in?
  • Is the Interior or or Exterior of the Johor Bahru property in good condition?
  • How much you have to invest in additional work for your Johor Bahru property
  • Will you be able to obtain a mortgage loan from a local bank in Johor Bahru?